Monday, November 12, 2007

{Big Bang!}

I just finished watching one of my new favorite shows, "The Big Bang Theory". I crack up every episode. I just love it!! I am hoping that the writer's strike doesn't make me wait forever for new material. And I am a quite bummed that one of my favorite reality shows aired its last show tonight and I didn't know it until the very end, but its a show that is one that I wouldn't admit to most people that I actually watch. I don't know why, its just one of those shows like "The Real Housewives of Orange County" where you might get that look if you tell someone that you ACTUALLY watch it (yeah, I watch that one too)Anyway, I just had a "moment" saying good-bye to "Tori and Dean Inn Love". Its the end of an era to know that I can no longer tune in every once in awhile and check out what is going on at the B&B, although not quite as devestating as when they took 90210 off the air (that's back when I was a big Tori Spelling fan!) Oh, well, life goes on...

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