Friday, November 16, 2007

{The Real World: Georgia}

No, I am not about to blog about my new favorite raunchy reality show. MTV's Real World is actually one that I think that I am too goody goody to watch. But I have had a day of UPS and downs. First of all, the UPS......a big shout out to Colin who is flying me out to Yorktown Virginia to work the first weekend of December at the store's Christmas sale. So, all of my "peeps" (you know who you are, better stop by and see me!!!) I totally thought that she was just talking and not really serious about flying me up just to work this sale this weekend, but then she started talking serious and then i got flight info in my e-mail. THANK YOU!!THANK YOU!! My second UP, I got a call back for the bank job today and I ran in for an interview (they wanted to interview next week, but i will be out of town) and it went fantastic and I think that I will be getting the job. I will keep you posted on that front. My third UP began with a very complicated down, our cabin that our families (in-laws, sis-in-law, etc.) had reserved in Pigeon Forge for next week got screwed up and I spent most of the day scrambling to find something else. We got something, but we will have to switch cabins during the vaca! BUT we got something, I am trying to be a glass half full kinda gal! My fourth UP, my Dad came thru his surgery okay. I talked to my Mom, but I haven't talked to my Dad. He is in a lot of pain because I guess that one of his hernia's was pretty big. My big down is that the entire day, I have had to fight another stinken migraine, which I don't get often, but when I do I can hardly fight them off and today it has been hanging out behind my left eye and I have a sneaking suspicion that its going to pounce hard and fast very soon as I am trying to get packed so that we can blow this popsicle stand for Pigeon Forge. I am very excited about this trip. I can't wait to see everyone, I love my sis-in-law to death, she is the sweetest and I cannot wait to see the baby. Anyway, that's all for tonight, I may not post until I get back and then I will have lots of pictures, I promise!! P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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