Tuesday, November 13, 2007

{golf ball in the dryer}

I am an ordinary housewife, a stay at home Mom....my life sounds boring, right? Well, those that have board room drama and "real jobs" may think so and some days I totally agree and think that grass looks greener on the other side of that fence. And today started out just like that, I had my neighbors coming over some dinner, nothing special, just some chili and to hang out. But I needed to do some light cleaning, major laundry (which it always seems to be major), and get the chili in the crock pot. Sounds like a fairly light day ahead of me, right? I may actually get some time to catch up on my "stories" AKA soaps on TIVO. Well, not so much, Action decided that he wasn't feeling "quite right" and normally, I give them a kiss on the cheek and a kick on the butt and send them to school, but my van is in the shop today and I was afraid that if indeed he was getting the bubonic plague, I would have no way to come get him from school. So, having him here was like a small whiny irritation and ,of course, he was fine! Then, the laundry kept making noises in the dryer and I opened it about 5 times trying to figure out why it sounded like I was drying nails, but I couldn't find anything and then I chalked it up to some new cargo shorts that Action just got.......until it got really bad and I opened it up and a golf ball came flying out at me. Then my sweet husband came home for lunch and we got in the biggest tiff because he didn't want to throw out his sardine can in the outside garbage, it was the craziest argument EVER! I am still not sure what that was all about, I said it stunk up the whole house and he said it didn't.(It really was super stinky!) I am considering running a poll on this blog to find out who thinks who was right on this one, because I know I would so WIN! Then I get the call that the van is ready, Mark rushes home from work, we drive down to Jacksonville (45min away), to find out that they hadn't fixed the van and there are apologies every where and I end up with a rental car. Back home to the domestic diva, Lex who cannot figure out the vaccuum cleaner, which she has used a million times before, but today has amnesia and more drama insues. Finally, a nice dinner and a few margaritas with our neighbors brings me to the end of my dull and ordinary, crazy day.

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gottablogmom said...

I agree, the sardine can should definitely have gone outside.