Wednesday, November 14, 2007

{Its beginning to sound a lot like Christmas: Cha-ching!}

Today was a super fun day, I spent the day shopping with my peachy pal at a primo mall in Jax. I know its not even Thanksgiving yet and I have always made it a rule not to even think Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but this year the bug is hitting and hard!! I think its the smell of the peppermint latte's at Starbucks or maybe its the sparkle in the home decor departments that make me want to whip out my trees and start decorating. Anyway, we did some Christmas shopping, some smelly getting ready for Christmas shopping (tarts were on sale at Yankee!!) and I did a little Victoria's Secret shopping, I won't go into details on that and that is why its called Victoria's SECRET! But, I will say, its not anything scandelous (much to Mark's dismay), But they do have a fun selection of Christmas panties called "Pout" that I really liked!! Lex was easy to buy for, she always is! But Action is so hard. He is not crazy about clothes and is very picky anyway. He loves games and stuff, but a few games and my budget is bust!! Mark on the other hand, is getting one thing and I will not disclose that in this blog.... But it seems that I spent a ton of money and after reviewing the stash, the loot, the treasure chest of goodies that I scurried the day retrieving for my dearly beloveds, I have didely squat and no dinero left. I miss those days when the kids were younger and a few Little People and a bus and they were in heaven, a Little Tikes kitchen and I was set! I know that I have only lived here for 9 months, is it too soon for a 2nd mortgage???

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