Saturday, November 10, 2007

{Peachy Pals!}

Yes, more than one post in a night! I want to say that I started to look thru my pictures to post on my blog and I found this one of my new super sweet friend here in Georgia and her little boy that is a one in a million little stink pot and I know that I have talked about her and have told lots of my friends about him, especially his "mulch" story and I have attached their picture the end of my page. But I also really started to think how grateful I am that I have made such a good friend in Lisa since moving here to "ho-bunk", and without her and her friendship I might be downing the prozac right about now in large quantities. Moving to Japan may not be an option for her.........................

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for YOU! I am so glad that you have made a good friend in GA. We miss you!
Tracey B
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