Wednesday, May 21, 2008

{1 wild wednesday}

it has been one freaky deaky wild wednesday!! my day started off quite boring, not unlike most of my days, but i got a call from a friend of mine that i haven't seen in quite awhile and asked me if i wanted to hit a scrapbook store in jax and maybe "do" lunch & shop. Well, heck yes!! It took me all of 5 seconds to come up with that answer! So, I was outta here like a bat out of....well you know the rest!!

We hit the scrap store, we enjoyed a scrumpdilicious lunch and some shopping and began to head back to town only to discover that traffic is stopped and people are turning around in the median to to go the other way, even a school bus did this and got totally stuck and I mean it was STUCK!(what an idiot, right?) We thought that maybe it was an accident up ahead and we just had to wait it out because this is the only way that we knew how to get home from Jax, we had to go over this big honkin' bridge. As we got closer, we realized that everything was closed, they diverted us off the highway onto some road with no detour, no further directions, nada! We had no clue as to where we we're and there we're cops everywhere! It was really kind of freaky! (If it was Friday, I would have titled this Freaky Friday, he! he!) I'm thinking that this would be a really great time for a GPS! My friend made a phone call to see if there was anything on the news to find out what the hey....AND come to find out there was a Jumper on the bridge that they we're trying to talk down. He had climbed up on some scaffoling. Now, mind you this happened during rush hour last week on the same bridge. What is the deal? Our only stress reliever: making really bad jokes.

We toured all thru Jacksonville with a million other commuter's, who at least probably KNEW where they were going, trying to figure out how to get home. AND 2.5 hours later, I arrived home to my humble abode where I was greeted by not only my hounds AKA "the welcome wagon", but 2 kids who we're too interested in their movie to notice that i walked in the door. its just been a wild day.


Delaney Gates said...

Wow! That's insane!

Lorrie said...

I hope they were able to talk him down. Pretty sad actually, ya know?
But did you find any goodies at the LSS?

Norma Kennedy said...

Glad you got out but how horribly sad about the jumper !

Hope that they were able to rescue him-Very say !


Kazan Clark said...

Kinda crazy - not fun driving around for a couple of hours - hope the person was rescued and got medical help. So you like my little owl - thanks and ya know I think you are a good Mama ;)