Thursday, May 8, 2008


Back to normal....aaahhh!!! what a wonderful feeling it has been. I have been back to my regularly scheduled program (I type this while holding my breath that I don't get called into work today because one of my co-worker's was out sick yesterday and I did go in for just a few hours). But for the most part this week, I worked my day on Monday and then have been back to being off and doing what I do best the last few days...........NOTHING! No, I'm kidding. I have cleaned, laundered, SCRAPBOOKED, pea'd, and stimulated the economy with a little bit of shopping yesterday afternoon with my Markie. We needed a few more things for the house and so we did a little shopping therapy, which is always fun!! Today, I've got a lot planned, but really hoping not to get called in to the "bank of funk" where the germies are amist and the lysol doesn't seem to be working so much and they are passing it around like the Christmas fruitcake. I do not want it to be my turn to get the nasty stuff that they've got, so, I'm hoping to stay home in my world today and just be normal, if there is any such thing.


Juliana said...

I hope you don't get called in to work today!

Have a great Thursday!

Rosemary said...

I am glad that things are looking up for you!
Me on the other hand had to go and get my oldest at school because his allergies are getting the best of him.

Can you pass the Lysol????

Lara said...

I'm glad you could get so much done! And I hope you don't get called into work to get sick! We're just starting the crud at our house.

jill said...

Hope you're home as I type this and not at work.

BTW, I can see your banner now :)

gottablogmom said...

Way to be a good citizen there girl and "stimulate" the economy. My husband locked ours away in the vault so looks like the economy is going to have to go on life support if they were looking from any help from him.