Monday, May 12, 2008


goodness gracious, me oh my!! what a whirlwind of a weekend. And I am not talking about the insane weather that was whippin' across the country either, speaking of that, what is up with this weather?? its insane?? i drove thru a "smokey firey mess" yesterday off of I-95 which was just one of 3 wildfire's that were along Florida's coast, it looks like its going to be a long summer if we don't start getting some rain. Then, after getting home, the weather took a wicked turn for the worst and we had tornado warning, and reports of a tornado touching down here....whew!! too close for comfort for me....i am no dorothy and I have no desire to go to oz! Then waking up to news of devestating tornado's and China's quake on top of last week's cyclone.....i can't even stand to watch the news. Its just heartbreaking. Seriously, i used to be a major news junkie....just ask was BAD! But between all of this and this election, it makes me want to scream, I find myself talking to the news anchors!

Anyway, back to my original whirlwind story that is totally un-weather related....due to Mark's work schedule this Mother's Day, I decided to surprise my Mom and go to my sister's Saturday night and have lunch on Sunday and spend some QT with my Mom, while the kids went bowling and grabbed a "grand sl"am" from Denny's (that's heaven to Action!) with their Papa & cousin. While that whole "event" portion of the day was quite pleasurable, I refer to my post from a few weeks back titled "let the beatings begin" regarding my car experience with my beloved offspring............that was the longest car ride with my children. I drove Mark's car because it is much more economical on gas. It is also much smaller and so it gets hot in the backseat while the front seat gets cold and there was so much complaining and fighting amongst the sibs and how bored they were and how uncomfortable, I thought that by the time I hit the county line, I just might let them walk the rest of the way. 8 hours in the car in 2 days with these 2 little monsters equals a whirlwind of a weekend and now I'm just glad to be home in my happy little abode...

I hope that you all that are Mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day, nice, enjoyable, and relaxing!


gottablogmom said...

I can totally imagine you having conversations with the anchorpersons on the news shows. Thanks for the chuckle. My Dh is quite the news junkie too and even I find myself talking to the tv about what was just said. Sometimes its just to correct the grammar of these newspeople who are making 6 figures and can't even present a coherent news report....I am glad to hear you survived the bad weather this weekend. We have been getting an unusually large number of tornado warnings too. What's up with that!!!?

Sandra Collins said...

definately sounds like a whirlwind - but fun none-the-less