Friday, May 9, 2008

{in the land of funk}

i am currently back in the land of funk.....i am back at work where everyone is a sicko. i have decided to invent something way better than what the teacher invented years ago and got on Oprah with, "Airborne". I am creating a Lysol suit, an entire outfit that is American made and laced with lysol and puts out a lysol radar that will indeed keep you from getting sick which will put an end to ever even needing the Airborne in the first place. Yeah, I know that was a pretty hokey joke. I just desperately don't want to get sick. I am finally getting some things done around my house, enjoying a little scrapbooking, enjoying my family and I would like to keep it that way. Because when I get sick, life is not pretty in my house. That and after I get sick, Mark gets sick and then its like having another kid in the house, a big whiney kid.

Enough about that. I am looking forward to an interesting Mother's Day weekend, I am hoping that you are all are going to be enjoying yours. I may be going out of town to surprise my Mother after all of my kid's "activities" on Saturday. It seems Mark has to work on Mother's Day, so, I thought that it might be a nice surprise. My sister has planned a lunch at a restaraunt on the beach. I'll keep you posted. Have a wonderful mother's day everyone.

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Lorrie said...

hey sweetie -- keep yourself well, and when you invent that Lysol suit, can you send me one please?? lol.