Monday, May 19, 2008

{monday madness}

Its Monday and its hot (a toasty 92 degrees) and beautiful and I am at work and thinking that this is my last crazy, maddening Monday before my kids are out of school! Next week, they will probably still be snoozing and I will be able to roll out of bed, brew my cup-o-joe, take a leisurely shower without anyone banging on my door tattling on each other, i can actually maybe even eat breakfast andI won't get heartburn yelling :" eat some breakfast, brush your teeth, change your wore those yesterday (this is actually quite common, believe it or NOT!), brush your teeth again (actually this is said a few times and whether by the time we leave it is accomplished or not is debateable), let's go, let's go, let's go, no its his/her turn to sit in the front seat". Those are the general angst of every single morning that i have to work causing the maddening days where I feel like I need to pull my eyes out of their sockets to relieve the stress.

Then the days that I don't work will become the days that I will hear the daily quote from my children of, "i'm bored." Well, I saw a post on 2peas and i loved it, laughed my hiney off, its a little quote that I have memorized and plan on using when I get that irritating little quip of "I'm bored", here it goes..."i am not a cruise director, but I can be a slave driver and find you something to do if you mention it again, your choice." I love it, I'm the Mom!!!

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Sandra Collins said...

oh I can so relate to mornings like that - we had one this morning about whose turn it was to ride in the back of our new van - I'm gonna have to use that line on my kids this summer

Sarah C. said...

Great quote! I have a feeling they will get creative and find something to do. LOL tfs! :)

Lorrie said...

Hey girl! sounds like the morning of anyone with kids (or a kid, even) sometimes it's my fault though, cause I get sooo caught up in my "peaing" that I forget to remind DNK to get ready for school, then it's all rush rush rush rush!!!

Linda said...

That is a great quote. I need to remember that for this summer.