Thursday, May 22, 2008

{thoughtful thursday}

thursday is coming to a close and i titled this thoughtful, but truth be told its more melancholy. its been a really rough day for me. i don't like to talk about a lot of things that are hard or might be depressing, but i have really been struggling with a one year anniversary of a death of a very good friend of mine, she died of ovarian cancer. Our family just recently remembered a close family member on a 2 year anniversary of his death. Both of these people were very young and their deaths still seem so unreal to me sometimes. And today I started out scrapbooking a little bit and decided I was going to scrapbook a page that i keep putting back in my bucket of New Year's 2006 because it was the last time that we saw our family member and everyone was so happy and I just haven't been able to do it without getting upset. But I wanted to scrap it because I want to remember the good times and have them as keepsakes. Well, I also get a call from my friend who died husband. I haven't talked to him since a few weeks after she died. I had called several times and writtten a few notes, but I had not heard back from him. I think about them all the time and have worried about how they are doing. My friend had 3 children. But I talked to him for nearly 2 hours and it was really great to talk to him, they are doing okay. Its been a rough year and he told me some things that had happened that we're upsetting. But he would like for the kids to come stay with me for a few days over the summer, one of the things that my friend wanted to accomplish before she died was get her pictures in order and organize them in albums (they are in tubs), but that didn't happen and just recently their middle daughter has tried to scrap some of them and needs some help and he has asked me to help get those pics in order because he is at oddds as to what to do. Anyway, all of this has just gotten me in a state of melancholy and thinking about a lot of things today. Mostly just sad. But very glad to hear from him and glad to hear that they are all doing okay.

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gottablogmom said...

HUGS girl! I am sorry to hear you are having a blue day. I think that is one of the hardest things about growing older, dealing with death of close friends and family members. I hope things get better for you this weekend.