Wednesday, May 28, 2008

{my epiphany}

I have pondered the great depths of my mind the last few days while I stare out my teller window on the great and sophisticated ways that as a country that this mind numbing crisis that stares us down could be resolved in a manner that would free us of how these insanely, ungoldly, indescribably ridiculous, money gouging, oil rich countries control us and are probably having secret, laughing their butts off at us meetings, and while I am actually quite politically minded. (please never get in a political debate with me, you WILL loose!)...other than to suggest and I actually do recommend the highly controversial, to heck with the cariboo...start killing the trees...and pull out the drills in Alaska, I do not believe that there really is any other solution. BUT this...(this is purely comical because honestly, I cannot get all "political" on my blog), I think that it is time that we start to make and invest on really cute and comfy shoes and we start walking and boycotting those oil rich countries. This is the deal with shoes, if they are cute, they aren't generally comfortable. If they're comfortable, they look like you should be working in a hospital. What is up with that? I came to this "epiphany" today while wearing the cutest shoes that I think I have worn to date (got a great deal on them @ Dillards, practically gave them away!). Not only are these shoes just the cutest, but they are the comfiest things I have ever worn! They are Naturalizers...why can't all cute shoes be this comfy. I would walk a lot more, I would walk across the parking lot to get my lunch verses drive. There ya go, gas saved right there!! If we as a nation stood up and bought shoes that we're comfy and we didn't have to give up style, how much gas would be saved, how much money would the oil rich countries loose? Would they still gather in their secret rooms and laugh at us behind our backs then? Or would we become the country that "told them" with our stylish "on the go", in your face shoes? I ask you America? What say you?


jill said...

I'm open to any ideas that include cute shoes as the solution :)

samlamb said...

Love your photos! I found a link on 2 peas.
I agree with your epiphany...although it will not work for people who live in rural areas. However, the higher gas goes the more I wish that I did live in town, cause I already have the comfy shoes! So I vote yes, to comfy shoes to ease the gas price crisis!

QueenTracy said...

You know...I think that so many of the world's problems could be cured with more comfortable shoes! More comfortable CUTE shoes, of course! LOL

Tracy Said What

Lorrie said...

so... are you saying that my 8 pairs of crocs aren't stylish enough? Oooh, then I'm in a BIG ole heap of trouble!! lol.

scrapperjen said...

If it involves cute shoes and saving a few bucks - I'm in! :)