Wednesday, July 16, 2008

{tea towels & school houses}

i have been married for, um let's see.....18 years, yeah, i think that's it. Its been so long I am starting to loose track and I have to start counting on my fingers how long its been. But none the less, Mark still cracks me up with the different ways that we talk and the way we were raised. I am a Florida girl, he's a Kentucky boy. I was raised in a girlie house in the fact that it was 3 girls verses my Dad, who was always very respectful of us girls in the fact that he never cursed or burped or "tooted" in front of us and its not something that we discussed or became a topic of any conversation. Mark, on the other hand, was raised in a more formal house of beautiful antiques, china dishes, but with a brother and most of his life a single Mom. So, these topics seemed to be more of a "laughing matter" and a fact of life in his home, and i mean no disrespect in that, it just is what it is... But my language form is very laid back and not very articulate, some may call it southern (without an accent) and some may say informal, but again, it is what it is. I guess what sparked this little observation is that yesterday Mark said two things that had me teasing him, he was asking me about Lex going to the "school house", who calls it a school house? If we were in Little House in the Prarie times or lived in Amish country, I'd say yeah! School house it is, but this school is a monster. This school had nearly a thousand kids graduate last year. Later in the evening, he referred to a dish towel, yes a dish towel as a "tea towel"....there was no tea involved and a tea towel is something that Grannie embroidered with little pink flowers, am i right? We use dish towels for dirty dishes and dirty counter tops. Who says that? I just find it funny that even after being married for so long that he can say little quirky things that get me giggling and remind me that he is that Kentucky boy that I married and we are so different in more ways than one. i love my quirky talkin' Kentucky boy!!


Lisa Dickinson said...

I'm with you on the does that mean you can only use the tea towel for tea spills?!? :P

Sara said...

School House??? Seriously?? I'd be snorting coffee through my nose if my hubby said that to me! Nevermind tea towels!! I totally picture those like you said dainty embroidered little things made by granny. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laugh!!

BTW--Borrow your DD's Twilight books & read them! You won't regret it!!

Anonymous said...

I hear you girl... driving across TX w/my hubby he pointed out a 'tank'. I looked all over for a military machine that shoots stuff when the whole time he was talking about a pond?!?! And it still cracks me up when he asks for a 'sack'. He is talking about a bag while I think of what happens to the quaterback at a football game. So fun...


flava k said...

Now that's funny right there...I don't care who you are!

McMommy said... are a FLORIDA GIRL?!?!


Aren't we the best??

hee hee!!

Happy POW! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I always love meeting new bloggy friends!

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
That's funny. If my husband said something like that I would be giving him a hard time too.
BTW, I am a Florida girl too...just don't live there anymore, but a ton of my family still does.