Thursday, July 3, 2008

{my previous life}

a whirlwind, exhausting, fun, liberating, depressing, glimpse back into my previous life is complete which consisted of a quick trip back to Virginia. Virginia is where we moved from a year ago and some of my very closest friends AKA my "peeps" are there for all of us. Lex basically moved in with several of her friends and we basically didn't see her the entire time while Action hung out with the Q Crew and got to spend some time with some of my peeps little one's who aren't so little anymore. I was "on the go" so much i could not hardly catch my breath and I loved every minute of it!!! I got to spend so much time with everyone and we had so much fun. It went by too quickly...i got to spend some time scrapping at my favorite LSS. Also celebrated the store's 9th birthday.

I decided to do a slide show with me and my peeps "escapades" from my visit. I hope you enjoy and choose not to judge. We always have such a great time when we get together and there is always the possibility that a little silliness will break out....sorry, its a given that a little silliness will break out and what a better way to document that than with my camera...poses,deciding we are all old and need grannie glasses, margaritas even for those "lightweights", disney parties for a 40 year old man who actually liked his disney princess pez dispenser gag gift, brunches that include "thong" talk and a variety of bagels and cream cheese, shopping, cropping, a Water Country moment that I would like to remove from my memory and Maggie Moo's 2 nights in a row!

thanks for the good gangsta scrappin' peeps and that includes you tonton!

i have officially donated enough money to the oil companies, speculator's and the saudi's for the rest of the summer and will no longer be traveling again for quite some time. I am elated not to pull up to a pump and watch my child's college fund go into the tank, at least for quite some time....i am waiting to receive my certificate of appreciation in the mail any time now....does anyone read farsi, arabic, or greed??


scrapperjen said...

Sounds like lots of fun! :)

Lorrie said...

come back.

Norma Kennedy said...

Heheheh your post really cracks me up- Sounds like you had a Fab time !


Gabrielle said...

I hear ya....we spend more on gas then on groceries nowadays! YIKES!

flava k said...

Miss you! I'm so glad you came up and we were able to spend some time together. Great photos btw! Looking forward to your next visit.

Beth said...

It was great seeing you and getting to spend a little time with you and the girls at P2P. Just wish I hadn't been so tired! Now, I've just got to figure out how to get my blog up and running!!