Monday, July 21, 2008

{no poop fests allowed}

It may seem crude, but true....Its a day of "spare the square" @ my house today! Both Mark and i are at work all day with 3 kids at our house with one roll of TP which Mark discovered last night. i went grocery shopping at the world's most infuriating Wal Mart yesterday and spent a mega ton of dinero, but forgot the TP, what gives? So, i have been here and a little stressed about them over-using and there being a big "poop fest" and not enough squares to go around. i am a bit anxious to get out of here and swing by yet again another trip to the infuriating Wal Mart for a bulk sized package of Charmin for my darlings little derriere's.....uuggh!


Elizabeth said...


flava k said...

Let's hope they don't start using napkins, papertowels or rags.....then you'll have a bigger problem. ha.

Lorrie said...

OMG - you are so insane!!!!

Sara said...

Spare the Square!
TOO Funny!!!

Carol said...

I hope you managed to pick some up and a crisis was avoided!

I have done the same thing several times but have lawyas fortunately had at least baby wipes to hand.