Thursday, July 17, 2008

{the accidental cheer chick}

oh lordy! my child!! i love that child of mine, but she is the most accidental prone child as of late that i have seen. i would like to say that she gets it honest, but honestly i think that she is just in her own little la la land and doesn't pay so much attention, either that or she has an unnatural attraction to gravity. last week, while visiting one of her BFF's in Charleston, SC she got in a big cupcake fight at her friend's sweet sixteen and she was the only one that ended up biting the pavement, so to speak, and ended up with some pretty major "boo boo's" on her arms and legs. She began cheer camp on Monday and she was sore, but being the go getter cheer chick, she managed. On Wednesday, they left to go out of town to finish up 4 more days of cheer camp with other high schools and she called last night to tell me that as she was getting off the bus, she fell out of the bus, and busted open her other knee and other arm and elbow. She said that she was so embarrassed and now she has matching band-aids and "boo boo's". What to do with that child of mine....?


Sara said...

Poor thing! I say wrap her in bubble wrap!!

My older dd (7) is always falling down but before we can say anything she says "I'm all right!" even though sometimes she's not.

Sarah C. said...

Oh no! Well, at least she matches now? ;) Hope those bumps & bruises heal quickly. I was a very accident prone child, but thankfully not so much any more. Perhaps she'll outgrow it too. :)

Noelia said...

Poor kid! I hope she feels better soon.

Lorrie said...

does she get it from her mommy?? hehe.
I like the bubble wrap idea.
or a body cast, although that might make cheering a bit difficult!

jill said...

I feel bad that your dd is getting hurt but reading how you tell the story is hilarious...just had to laugh :)