Saturday, July 26, 2008

{my movie reviews}

it has been the craziest kids and their friends have kept me going non-stop. not that we have been going anywhere, we did manage to check out a few movies. First of all, we did see The Dark Knight in IMAX and it was totally awesome....i took Lex and 2 of her friends with me and Action for what I thought was about a 45 minute drive just south of the border and it turned into quite a bit farther than that, but it was a lot of fun when we fianlly got there, the movie was definitely the best by far. Secondly, Action and I checked out "meet dave", the girls wanted to see "Mama Mia", but i had promised my Mom that i would see it with her and i have seen the broadway production and it was a little racey and so i thought i had to find something more "approriate" for my 11 year old boy and "meet Dave" ended up being really, really funn!! It sure beat that monkey/chimp movie he wanted to see. That was a good save! thanks Karen for the review, you saved me a snooze in the theatre!

Next week, stay tuned because it should be a ball of snoozerville's here in hobunk...i am working full time again while both of my kids are at home by themselves until school starts on Friday!! And then we start all over again....i'm not sure i'm ready for school...i don't feel like we've had a summer you know that i haven't even been to the pool yet?? i am such a white chick! (insert rolling eyes)

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scrapperjen said...

WAHOO!!! We didn't see it in IMAX but enjoyed Dark Knight as well.
Hope all is well with you!