Wednesday, June 11, 2008

{year of the locust}

Believe it or not, but these are DEAD,
these are the shells of the locust.eeww.

We are in Kentucky, we finally made it. We are writing our thank you cards to google maps and yahoo maps as we speak....LOL!! We came during a huge locust break out.. Appparently, approx. every 15 years there is a big swarm of them that come up from the ground....biblical porportions and they have just taken over. They die and leave their entire shell just wherever, on trees, on plants, on whereever they may be. They make a horrible crickety noise, but if one gets upset and gets stuck in the car with you (guess how I know this), they make a horrible screatching noise. No wonder the Egyptians hated them so much, they are freaky!! On the other hand, they have started to thin out somewhat. My in-laws said that you literally had to run in from your car to your house and check yourself to make sure that you weren't taking any of them in with you. My little 23 month old nephew on the other hand thought that they were so coooll.... He loved picking at the dead one's and hoping that the live one's would get on his stick. Oh, to be young and nieve again. Pops (my FIL) took him outside and let him play in the creek behind their house. It was great to just spend the day with everyone and some downtime with my SIL and my nephew. Its great to see how much he's grown and how much he's talking now. He can say so much its amazing. And he's smart as a whip, I just loved playing with him...

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Jennie said...

When we were younger, we'd attach the dead ones to our shirts and wear them like a brooch. What were we thinking? lol