Saturday, June 21, 2008

{rah! rah!..its Saturday!}

this week has gone by in a whirlwind of sheer craziness! Action has been at his Grannies and Pops in Kentucky, so its been very quiet on that front and trust me, that has been like a week at the spa for me....Lex has spent the week at Cheer Camp, but its been day camp and so she's been gone during the day and whiney at night. I have been back to my normal work schedule of Monday and Friday, so my 3 days off were fantastic. I got a huge project done that i will post tomorrow. I got some scrapping done. I rearranged my house, cleaned, did laundry, ran errands, grocery shopped and am starting to recover from all of the travel. I am excited that I also met my new neighbor that moved into my Peachy Pal's house (who i still miss since she had to move to the land of sushi). Anyway, back to my new neighbor, she is a photographer and she is fantastic. I talked with her a long time and she is a lot of fun!! I like fun people. Finding fun people here in hobunk has been quite the challenge. She is not from here, they just moved here and so maybe that's the key. Anyway, I am so very excited to get to know her better. We are considering setting up a bunco group here in the neighborhood. I will say, I love all of my neighbors. They are great, I love my neighborhood. If anyone ever moves here, they are crazy if they move anywhere, but this neighborhood. On tap for today, was Lex's last day of Cheer Camp which the parents could go to and see the routine that they had come up with last week. The girls did a great job, but there's still a lot of progress to take place. I am really excited being an 80's music junkie, but their entire competition routines are based on Michael Jackson songs, you know, before he was a freak and was still cool.

the rest of the day, we are chillin' and waiting for lex's boyfriend to come over, she hasn't seen him since we went to EPCOT. He has been on restriction for most of the summer for a bad grade on his report card. I am hoping that he'll still be able to come over. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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Lorrie said...

Sounds like you got a lot done,and had a relaxing few days this week.
Glad you have a fun new neighbor --- does she scrap? If not, I bet she will SOON!! lol.