Thursday, June 12, 2008


an afternoon spent at a vineyard here in Kentucky. Funny, you don't think of Kentucky as wine country, but there are a few wine fields and even though Kentucky is horse country, it is absolutely beautiful. If you have never gotten a chance to visit, you definitely should, you won't be sorry. I also noticed that there are some beautiful wine fields and chateu's near Atlanta. I think that Napa Valley may have a little East Coast competition if this trend continues. The vineyard that we visited wasn't very big, it was quite the Mom & Pop operation, but we really enjoyed the wine tasting and the wine was very good. We bought several to take home and several for Mark's aunt whose birthday is this weekend. The vineyard also had a place where they had Shakespear in the park type of plays, you can bring your own picnics and watch plays in the evenings in a park like setting, but its "terraced" so most people could see. I just loved it, maybe one day we can get back and see the play.

We then headed back to my SIL's house for dinner , margaritas and diggin' in dirt. Well, my little nephew did the dirt diggin' and the adult's delighted in the margaritas and played a few games of "Apples to Apples", which is a lot of fun. Its the firt time that I've played that game, but its one I might pick up for future "adult" parties.


Creative Junkie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I've only been on one wine tasting tour in my life, which is OK as I really don't like wine very much. But we're very close to some really popular wine country here so it's a nice way to spend the day, and I usually gravitate towards the food they serve. It's amazing what you can make with wine!

flava k said...

Sounds fun. You've been going to some really cool places since you've been in GA.