Sunday, June 8, 2008

{madison,braves, & the cousins]

on the road we are....and having a blast. we got off yesterday to quite a late start, but decided to take a side trip which was a little more scenic. my mom had told me about the town of madison, ga, which is the town that sherman refused to burn during the civil war. Sherman was childhood friends with the mayor of the town's brother and they had come to a gentleman's agreement that he wouldn't burn the town after burnind down Atlanta on his march to Charleston. So, the town is absolutely beautiful and quaint and full of antebellam homes, i got quite a few pictures, including a beautiful "gingerbread" house and when I say gingerbread house, i am referring to the incredible trim work done on the house. After visiting madison, we made it to my cousins house and we have just had the best visit. we made a last minute decision to go to an Atlanta Braves game today and it was so much fun!! The Braves played the Phillies and lost in the 9th inning which totally stunk, but it made for an exciting game. It was 110 degrees in the shade, well, not in the shade which is where our seats were. We got so lucky, we bought these package tickets which included parking, program, hot dogs, drink, and seats for one really good price. After getting there we realized that our seats we're most excellent! We had air conditioned seating and private restaraunts and stuff right behind our seats which were completely shaded, i didn't even break a sweat!! The kids had a great time together and at the end, they ran the bases and got limited edition bats made by Home Depot. how fun is that? i am loving that the cousins have had this time together and i have had this time with my cousin that i don't get very often. tomorrow we are off to take action & Jay to camp. i hope that they brush their teeth.....

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scrapperjen said...

How totally fun and I am so jealous! :) Sounds like fun at the ballpark.
Hope everything goes well - enjoy summer! :)