Wednesday, June 4, 2008

{holy moley!}

it has been the busiest last few days!!! there has not been time to get my head together to do any posting. We have been busy getting stuff together for Action to go away to camp next week. He is very excited, he is going to go "away" to camp with his cousin that is his age and loves to hang out with, but they don't usually get to spend a lot of time together because we don't see him very much. His mother is my first cousin and we we're super close as kids and teenagers and it really makes me sad that our boys don't really even know each other when we we're two peas in a pod growing up. The boys will hopefully get to know each other well and even more so they will LIKE each other by the end of next week while they are away at camp.

On the other hand, I have spent most of my time running, running, running and I would love to say in my Nike's on the road, loosing weight for the next marathon, BUT in reality it has been in my car to the doctor's office, school's, post office's...Ugh! Both kids and I have had a ton of doctor appointments this week. Action had a ton of shots that had to be done, I had some "catch up" stuff, and Lex has some mole's that need to be removed and that is actually being done TODAY in about an hour. Holy moley, the poor kid has quite a few mole's and 2 that are just in really bad places and one that has gotten really big. Neither one is pre-cancerous or anything like that, but the doctor thinks that it should be taken off. So, I've got one on Tylenol because of all of his shots, the other that will probably be on Tylenol in a few hours on the couch and I will be whizzing thru the house mad dashing cleaning and doing laundry because I have to go back to work tomorrow which might be a relief from the last few days! NOT! Even with all of the insanity of the last few days of being so busy, I love it. I love being a Mom, i love being with my kids.

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gottablogmom said...

Sounds like you have been really busy. I hope Action has a blast at camp. I remember those days. Made some great friends and had a great time. My grandmother hated all the laundry and practically mildewed, wet clothes and stuff I brought back. So be ready for lots more work! I hope all goes well for Lexi and her mole removal. Have a great weekend.