Tuesday, June 10, 2008

{yahoo....my butt!}

well, the good news is that Action is @ camp, the bad news is that we spent hours in a tiny town trying to find it. We used Yahoo map directions and they were so wrong that we barely got out of my cousins driveway before things went terribly awry. The camp is 45 minutes from my cousins house, but it took us 2 hours until we pulled up to the camp... We kept stopping in this little tinytown asking for directions to this very well known, or so we thought camp, and we kept getting the craziest directions and the locals totally acted like they knew exactly where this place was and we would follow the directions and they were totally wacked! Finally, we found a place that had a map of the area and it was the simplest one turn off the main road to find. Seriously, I was nearly in tears by the time that we got there. I was ready to mow over a stinken cow, I just didn't care at that point. Mark said that he felt like we we're in the town of Deliverance..(can you hear the banjos??) I think its time for a GPS and then up the road for 2 hours on a very, very curvy thru the mountains, one right after the other no-man's land highway until we finally hit the main highway on our way to Kentucky. But we finally made it and all is good.

Action and his cousin are at a camp that has a ton to do and I am so excited for them because it is going to be such a great experience for them both, but in the same instance I am more worried than I ever imagined that i would be. I have several times today wondered what he was doing, wondering if was a good enough swimmer, wondering if the other boys were going to be nice to him. I need to cut the apron strings, but it won't matter how old my boy is, he will always be my baby. He will always be that little boy that loved Pooh Bear and would not go to sleep until I rocked him. He will always be that little boy that would sneak lollipops and try to convince me that the reason that they had "changed colors" is because the more you lick them the colors change. And I am still wondering if he's brushing his teeth and now I've added washing the lake water out of his hair...


kazan said...

oh boy I am so not looking forward to this time in my life - and mine are only 4 and 2..
Great job 1. finding the camp and 2. letting him stay :)

Lorrie said...

man, he is looking so grown up girl!!!! I would be a worried mess too, so I'll say a prayer of safety for him!!